I’ve Had Better: Dead Space 3 Launch Trailer

There’s been quite a bit of hemming and hawing in reference to Dead Space 3. Like the rest of my angry brethren, I too have some qualms about Isaac Clark’s latest adventure and apparently the latest trailer didn’t help matters all that much. Isaac isn’t Properly Equipped for this Challenge Despite wearing his signature armor and wielding the ever… Continue reading

I’ve Had Better: Prototype 2 Trailer

The original Prototype had all the makings of a huge success, but repetitive mission design and an unlikable protagonist prevented the game from attaining any lasting appeal. Radical Entertainment hopes to right their wrongs and produce a more competent package with Prototype 2. I take a look at a recent Prototype 2 trailer (above) to see if there any… Continue reading

I’ve Had Better: Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

The news that Duke Nukem Forever was actually coming out has been met with both excitement and skepticism. The game, which seems to have been in development for the last couple decades was a joke amongst gamers and developers alike and looked to continue to stay that way until Gearbox recently announced they’d taken over… Continue reading