It Doesn’t Matter: I’m Still Not Sick of Zombies

I’ve been obsessed with zombies since I can remember. It started with Night of the Living Dead, was bolstered by Dawn of the Dead and then Resident Evil swooped in to cement my affection for the walking corpses that have spread through the mainstream as quickly as the virus/disease that causes them. As a result,… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: Remakes and Reboots are Good for Gaming

News recently leaked out that Halo 2 was in the process of getting an HD makeover, much like Halo: Combat Evolved last year. This rumor was, of course, later denied, but got me thinking about the benefits of remakes and reboots for a variety of reasons: They have been going on longer than we are willing… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: Before We Play the Video Game Blame Game

I woke up to the news much like everyone else, and halfway through the day I’m in turmoil over the shooting in Aurora, Colorado at the midnight showing of The Dark Knight Rises. Men, women, and children who attended the movie never expected what transpired to take place. Everyone found themselves in a real, deadly… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: You Fools! EA is not the Worst Company in America

In a weird sort of symmetry with March Madness the Consumerist, an “online resource for consumer-driven advice,” had its own tournament with brackets and everything. Their brackets pitted different companies in America against each other in an online vote to see which company would come out on bottom as the worst company in America. The… Continue reading

It Doesn’t Matter: Your Fans Still Have Questions

Alexander Pope once said, “To err is human.” We all make mistakes, and the video game industry is no exception. Sometimes industry mistakes are ignored or even swept under the rug, making it harder for developers to admit a game’s flaws. In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Todd Howard admitted that The Elder Scrolls IV:… Continue reading