Hey! Buy! Pinball Duo Accessory Adds Plunger and Flipper Control to iPad

Somewhere in the last year, digital pinball has inexplicably fascinated more than a few of the Horrible Night contributors. At first, it seemed all innocent until Josh mentioned that he was actively working on an arcade controller mod to have a more authentic experience. Thankfully, those pinball fans not interested in breaking out a soldering… Continue reading

The Difference Between Being Inspired and Ripping a Game Off

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed among supposedly refined people where anything they do or see is compared to something else. Regardless of the quality, similarities are seen as negative points against whatever item they’re judging, resulting in the detestable status of “rip-off.” In all honesty, I’ve found myself labeling things in this way, scoffing at… Continue reading

Gua-Le-Ni Review: Flippin’ Blocks for Science!

Look out, it’s a Lob-Hog! Or is it a Wart-Ster? I’m not sure, but it’s all a part of Gua-Le-Ni, or: The Horrendous Parade, the inaugural game from Italian game developer Double Jungle. In this new puzzle game for the iPad the idea is to manipulate the order and orientation of a few “taxonomy cubes”… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: The Sims 3

Like the other guys, I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with someone who tolerates the amount of time I spend either playing video games or writing/talking about them. And like a lot of… non-traditional gamers, my fiance plays some casual games on her iPad (yes, I’m marrying an Apple-user) every once in a while, but with… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Project Nintendo Wii 2 HD Cafe

While we’ve covered hypotheticals before, Nintendo has confirmed their new console will be playable at E3 this year with a release next year in 2012. With Nintendo being a bit down on our trust list, that begs the question, what is it gonna take for you to take their new console seriously? Ethan For me,… Continue reading