Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Snuggle Truck Needs Drivers to Ensure Safety of Cuddly Critters

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In addition to my expertise in video games, horror themed survival scenarios and dancing like no one is watching, I’m also a fifth degree black belt in snuggling. This may sound like a skill set that deals in cute 24/7, but I’m here to tell you that, as one of the foremost experts on the subject, I’m privy… Continue reading

Call of Cthulhu: Wasted Land Reflex Review: Not a Wasted Effort

There comes a time in a fan-boys life where he must realize that his idle and idolized franchise is fallible. For me, an obsession with H.P. Lovecraft has equated to constant disappointment when attempts at translating his weird fiction to other mediums has exploded into a juicy spray of broken heart juice (well, most everything other than the incredible Call of Cthulu: Dark… Continue reading

Noby Noby Boy Has Reached Uranus

I present to you the latest achievement of the Noby Noby Boy community. A community that at this point that has to be just about as unique as the game itself. 3 years after the release of this odd PSN exclusive title by Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi, people are still stretching and pulling on… Continue reading

Scribblenauts Remix Gets a Siri Remix

Scribblenauts Remix is a great game for simultaneously fostering one’s imagination and critical thinking skills, but upon getting Siri support through its latest update it will also be the game that makes casual gamers look like crazy people as they scream things like “purple dragon” and “robotic ninja” at their Apple device as a means of solving the… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: More Bits, Less Awards

Surprising amount of headlines for a non release week, even outside of whatever that “overblown trailer reveal show with some awards in it” was. We put together a handful of editorials focused on the featured games of our Co-op Clash tournament, plus a couple of reviews because someone has to finish all of these games…. Continue reading

Gua-Le-Ni Review: Flippin’ Blocks for Science!

Look out, it’s a Lob-Hog! Or is it a Wart-Ster? I’m not sure, but it’s all a part of Gua-Le-Ni, or: The Horrendous Parade, the inaugural game from Italian game developer Double Jungle. In this new puzzle game for the iPad the idea is to manipulate the order and orientation of a few “taxonomy cubes”… Continue reading

Get the iOS Source Code for Doom and Wolfenstein 3D

id Software has just made the source code available for the iOS versions of two of its most iconic games. In the latest update of the iOS versions of Doom Classic and Wolfenstein 3D Classic (2.1), id Software has done something that not many, if any, developers have done on the platform. While this might… Continue reading

Pixels and Rocket Science: An Interview with The Last Rocket Creator, Shaun Inman

Being an interactive developer, I’ve been following Shaun Inman for quite a while. He fills that much coveted role of designer/developer/problem solver/creator of all great things very well, and in my industry, that’s the kind of person you want to pay attention to and learn from all you can. Recently he started talking more and… Continue reading