What is Insomniac Up to for E3 11?

Insomniac Games, makers of fine video games like the Ratchet & Clank and Resistance series, will be announcing a new IP at this year’s E3. Previously a producer of games only released on the PlayStation brand of consoles, Insomniac has broken away and will be releasing its next game for multiple consoles. In 2010, Insomniac announced… Continue reading

Resistance 3 Teaser May Produce Bowel Movements

The announcement of a game is usually followed up with a “trailer” (commonly referred to as a teaser) usually consisitng of none game footage or an overdramatic reveal of that particular games new logo, much to the disdain of myself and fellow Horrible Night writers. The brains behind the Resistance: Fall of Man franchise  must have been… Continue reading