REPLY TO ALL: Contagiously Cheap

Sales and crazy Steam specials have seriously screwed with our abilities to finish games, though they have exposed us to some titles we wouldn’t normally get into. Let’s put on our devil’s advocate hat, think of other reasons that cheaper gaming could be a problem in the near future. How have cheaper video games and… Continue reading

OCReMix Album Commemorates 25 Years of The Legend of Zelda

While Nintendo did right by having an orchestra perform the music from The Legend of Zelda for the series’ 25th anniversary, there’s nothing quite like fans doing right by one of gaming’s greatest franchises. The indie video game music community has come together for the album and OverClocked ReMix has stepped up to publish the 25th Anniversary Zelda… Continue reading

Escape Goat Review: Goat and Mouse Ain’t Nothing To F*** With

When you think about dynamic duos, names like Batman and Robin or Chip and Dale immediately come to mind. After playing through Magical Time Bean’s Escape Goat, the terrible twosome of Goat and Mouse may soon join the aforementioned heavyweights in the ranks of “World’s Greatest Bad Ass Partnerships.” You look like you are doing… Continue reading

IndieCade 2011 is a Wrap, Award Winners Announced

The IndieCade Festival concluded this weekend in Culver City, CA and the hands-on previews are already getting me itchy for the next great batch of independent games. Not surprisingly to those that have been following the game, but Fez took home the Best in Show award which leaves only a release date left on its… Continue reading

PAX Hands-on: Chasing Aurora

One thing that took me by surprise at PAX was the sheer volume of people constantly moving in my field of vision – my eyes literally got tired and my sense of equilibrium felt a little off, so it was nice to find respites from the visual onslaught. While perusing the games on the Indie… Continue reading

PAX Hands-on: Vessel

You would think that outside of the PAX 10, it would be difficult to find quality indie games who managed to get space on the show floor. It turns out that the first indie game that turned our attention away from the major publishers wasn’t even in the PAX 10, although it easily could/should have… Continue reading

Space Pirates and Zombies Reflex Review: Cold, Dark and Fun

Before you even begin tossing zombie obsession allegations at me, let me be the first to say this isn’t a zombie game, or at least not in the conventional sense (and yes, I am zombie obsessed, but that doesn’t mean I can’t be somewhat objective). Yes, there are zombies and they do function in familiar… Continue reading

Limits are Advantages for Indie Developers

Over the last few months, I’ve been engrossed with a wide sampling of games from independent studios. From strategic zombie evacuation in Atom Zombie Smasher to alien planet exploration with Capsized, I’ve played across the genre spectrum including a few titles that fit multiple molds and some that fit none at all. This comes conveniently… Continue reading