Going Indie – The Horrible Show #310 Live

Justin, Ethan, and Josh discuss the rise and the future of indie games while attempting to define what makes a game an indie game and the differences between large and small independent developers. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of HorribleNight.com as they discuss a variety of entertainment-focused video game topics. This show… Continue reading

Lone Survivor Review: The Legend of Sleepy Cat

Some experiences are straight-forward, sometimes beating you over the head with how obvious the world around you truly is. Then there is Lone Survivor, where appearances deceive from multiple angles and questioning the situation becomes a regular occurrence. Created by Jasper Byrne, this indie survival horror adventure returns to a time where genre descriptions were… Continue reading

Tried It: The Binding of Isaac

Indie games have not really been a part of my gaming repertoire due to various reasons: most of them being couch-lazy. I prefer the console, and I spend many nights in the dark with my cocktails playing online with my friends on Xbox LIVE. Out of the Horrible Night staff I am probably one of… Continue reading

Your Android is Too Cocky, Show It Some Humility with Humble Indie Bundle #2

Those who thought the geniuses over at Humble Bundle were playing favorites with the PC may be shocked to find out that the second bundle made specifically for Android smart devices is available for savvy gamers who are too busy to play cheap games at home. This means that you didn’t know about the previous Humble Bundle,… Continue reading

Vessel Reflex Review: Puzzling Out Fluid Dynamics

I feel bad starting out the reflex review for Vessel with this but: the music (by John Hopkins) and sound (directed by Leonard Paul) is awesome. That’s not to take away from the rest of the game at all, since I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve gotten to spend with it so far, but the combination of… Continue reading

Dear Esther is the Latest Indie Fund Success

I reported on the independent publishing group Indie Fund’s first success with QUBE a month ago and am happy to report that the indie dream team has done it again with the atmospheric first person adventure game, Dear Esther. The game was able to make back Indie Fund’s initial investment in 5.5 hours according to the publisher’s website,… Continue reading

Gaming Crushes: The Resiliency of Double Fine

Sure, I grew up as a huge fan of adventure games. There is no doubt that The Secret of Monkey Island shaped my love and appreciation of video games as an entertainment medium. Regardless of any of my nostalgic history with the roots of Tim Schafer and his team at Double Fine, being witness to… Continue reading

Interview with Ian Stocker: Developer of Escape Goat – The Cursed Checkpoint #103

After developing a fondness for its puzzle-platformer Escape Goat (and a weird obsession with the game’s four legged protagonists), Ethan tracks down Magical Time Bean’s Ian Stocker and learns the ins and outs of indie game development. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video… Continue reading

Microsoft Improves Indie Games Platform Slightly

  Microsoft may be making a resolution to be friendlier to Indie Games in 2012, the XNA Game Studio team recently announced via their several new changes to the Indie Games system. Changes include: Indie game size increased from 150 MB to 500 MB Developers may charge 80 MS Points for any game up to 150… Continue reading

Can You Find Game Type on Xbox Live Indie Games?

Mommy’s Best Games, developers of Serious Sam Double D and Shoot 1UP  “who strive to deliver games that push the edges of the medium through gameplay, art, satire, and pie,”  is thrilled with the new Xbox 360 dashboard update. While the Xbox Live Indie Games store itself is a bit buried, it seems as though Microsoft has been helping… Continue reading

Humble Super Meat Bundle: The Jamestown Shank RUNNER 4

Just when you thought the Bundle Train had pulled into Stale Town Station , the Humble Bundle folks have put together something fresh to the max. The initial Humble Indie Bundle 4 games include Super Meat Boy, Shank, BIT.TRIP.RUNNER, Jamestown and NightSky HD. SMB is worth the price of admission alone, if you don’t already… Continue reading