Game Music Bundle 4 Critically Rocks

I for one love a good bundle. Even if there’s a bit of a bundle overabundance of late or some individuals wish the name to be changed. Game Music Bundle 4 is now upon us, and having sampled a good portion of this stellar music selection this is a bundle of the highest quality. Just… Continue reading

Does November 2011 Matter? – The Horrible Show 120711

Justin, Cole, Justin, and Josh recap the major news stories of November and get completely jealous of the toys kids today get to collect. Activision gets multiple compliments, indie music is a hit, New Line wants to make a Rampage movie, and more. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow Show Notes Cast: Justin… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Seriously Stuffed

Let’s just catch our breath everyone. For all intents and purposes the madness is over and thankfully for us in America, that meant we had a shortened holiday week. Sales and review sstole most of the headlines, but there was a bit of a legal battle going on amongst all our gaming. While content was… Continue reading