I Learned Something Today Too: Banjo-Kazooie – For a Better World

Sometimes I forget to eat and get really hungry. This usually leads to anger and confusion which happen to be the catalysts from ranting and raving the likes of which have never before been seen on an episode of “I Learned Something Today. “ I’m ticked off and it has quite a bit to do… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: BioShock

I’ve fallen victim to the grass is always greener mentality several times in my life. I’ve moved across the city, across the state, and across the country looking for answers to small and large questions. Searching for home or just searching for thrills, it didn’t matter. However, when you get too far off the beaten… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Atom Zombie Smasher

People tend to transform into big stupid animals the second crisis finds its way into their daily lives. This is no more evident than in the type disasters where immediate evacuation is required to insure the survival of a city’s occupants. In the last few years, those in charge of such missions have needed to… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Animal Crossing

I thought I was careful when I chose a remote but close-knit rural town to settle down in. Moving is scary enough when you don’t know anyone, but now I’m thinking remote towns should are that way for a reason as I learned the lessons of Animal Crossing. The Lessons of Animal Crossing Your landlord does… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Excitebike

When I set out to race motorbikes, I only do so in full arenas filled with glowing people. You won’t see me in the X-Games, or on the Dew Tour. I gather some close companions who don’t really matter one way or the other and race against the clock. It’s not a hard profession but… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Super Mario 3D Land

I know one business I’m never getting into: plumbing. Sure it could lead to getting your own reality show on ghost hunting but is it worth dealing with the waste of humans on a day to day basis? Oh, and there’s always the outside chance you’ll be sucked into a drain, flushed away to some… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Primal Rage

When I asked my guidance counselor what college had the best dinosaur program, she gave me a weird look. I explained to her that while some children dreamed of being firemen and doctors, I’d always longed to take on the role of the prehistoric creatures that stomped around the planet millions of years ago. She… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Halo: Combat Evolved

Some people think that technology has ruined our appreciation for the finer things in life, but maybe those people should take a step back and appreciate the technology they have. Our very survival may depend on it if we are to believe the lessons of Halo: Combat Evolved. The Lessons of Halo: Combat Evolved Alien… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Dungeon Defenders

Home ownership is a huge component of the “American Dream” but that dream can quickly melt into a nightmare if one sits idly by while society’s worst plan ways to encroach on one’s personal space. Contacting your local home security expert is a great first step, but the safety of you, your family and all… Continue reading