Hybrid Video Reflex Review: Jet Packs Everywhere

What made the dudes at 5th Cell decide to take a break from Drawing and Scribbling to create a futuristic third person shooter? You won’t find that answer in this video! What you will find, though, is Hybrid – a wholly competent competitive shooter with a tactical movement mechanic that actually works. Even if I… Continue reading

Release Dates Announced as Tony Hawk HD Kickflips Xbox Live Summer of Arcade 2012

Xbox Live Arcade promotions may seem like a monthly occurrence lately, but none are larger than the original and the next Summer of Arcade is nearly upon us. The games were announced before E3 and subsequently lost in the headlines, but Microsoft issued a friendly reminder last week along with the official release dates for… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: MMOh Just Kidding

The Game Developer’s Confernce (GDC) kept everyone on their toe’s last week with more reveals, trailers, and industry insight than we are used to out of that event. Our friends over at In Gaming We Trust are raising money to help a local flooded animal rescue facility, and here on Horrible Night we announced our… Continue reading