How You Play the Game: Dawnguard Review Gets Beckinsaled

I’ve been eyeballing Dawnguard, the first official DLC for Skyrim for a while now, but wasn’t ready to pull the trigger since I hadn’t played the game much lately and really couldn’t remember where I’d left off. That’s intimidating enough for any game, but with Skyrim it’s exhausting just thinking about trying to tracing my own… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: Death of a Sim

In modern society, if you grow tired of a relationship with a friend, relative, or even someone you disagree with, it is simply unacceptable to kill them. At least that’s what I’m told. After spending hours working on the relationships with my Sims in The Sims franchise I have come to realize there is a place… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: Taking Life and Death Seriously

Matt “The Matt Hittle” Hittle and I had been at war with the combined forces of the GLA and China for well over 2 hours in Command and Conquer: Generals when we finally tasted the sweetness of our enemies’ inevitable defeat. We were forced to hunker down early as the opposition bombarded us with suicide bombers… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: I’m Sick of Crafting, I Can’t Stop Crafting

The sky glows orange from a raging inferno that was once a beautiful metropolis. Orphans run barefoot in the streets, desperately trying to flee the evil demons that gulped their parents down in large bloody bites. You look on with anger in your heart; your fists clenched at your sides, veins protruding from your forearms… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: My Passion for Poison

When I was a young boy, I remember helping my mom clean up the house and noticing strange stickers on all of the cleaning supplies. They were a very distasteful shade of bright green and featured a simply illustrated black frowning face sticking its tongue out. Being the inquisitive youth I was, I asked her… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: One Assassin You Can’t Predict

With my target identified I rubbed my fingertips over the end of the hidden blade inside my sleeve and move silently through the crowd. Instead of working against the grain I followed a crowd of people hoping they’d take me to my target without him noticing me. Suddenly my friendly cloaking device of people shifted… Continue reading

How You Play the Game: Not Good Enough

For as many choices as games offer players, there is still no gray area between becoming a hero or being a failure. Even the grandest stories funnel to a few select outcomes, whether good, bad, or otherwise, your character is an integral part to the major events of the game. With difficulties diving and hand-holding… Continue reading