E3 15: Recap Show

E3 2015 started a few days early this year and never let up. What just happened? Justin, Aaron, Cole, and Josh relive the highs and lows of the press conferences, find their favorite games, and makes some predictions for 2016. This is a special event podcast episode for E3 2015. If you want to see… Continue reading

The Cursed Checkpoint #302 – Shadowy Thief Action Party

Jordan is officially a master thief so what does he think about the current state of lockpicking mini-games and the stealth genre? Important people like Justin and Aaron want to know and have their own ideas about the shadowy future. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a… Continue reading

Horribly Awesome Deals of the Week: Darkness, Demons and Scuba Suits

Hello, it’s time to save some money. You like saving money right? That’s good because if not, you’re wasting time on an article directed at tight wa…I mean thrifty gamers. There’s a lot of evil in this week’s deals, but bookends of dance and self-contained underwater breathing apparatuses will keep you out of the fiery… Continue reading