Hey! Watch! Rage Plays Peekaboo

No one ever doubted that the inhabitants of the wastelands of Rage were a bit, well, tweaked. This leads to some pretty crafty targets that are tough to lay a bullet on, but sometimes they are a little too smart for their own good. Even the best AI can be exploited, and thankfully these can… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! OCRemix Remixes Super Dodgeball Soundtrack

The OverClocked ReMix community is at it again and this time it’s the Super Dodge Ball soundtrack that benefits from their incredible talent. With over 19 songs and 25 artists the Around the World album is about as diverse as the U.S. Team’s world championship run in the game. No seriously, they remixed each stage… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Goomba Roombas

Looks like our favorite enemies from classic Nintendo titles are struggling to find work in this economy. Goombas, Red and Green shells, and Octoroks are all busy vacuuming the floors of the SUPER iam8bit art exhibition. Either that or they have been cruelly attached beyond their will to the robotic vacuums. Actually, if the video… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! If Video Games Were Real

Everybody has one of those friends that can’t sit through any fictional mediums without voicing his/her opinion on the lack of reality associated with certain events. Assuming that most people who play video games are scholars is a bit presumptuous, but it’s pretty obvious that food doesn’t fix damage from bullet holes and harboring tiny animals… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! HD Konami Intros for Castlevania and Gradius

One piece of retro games that hasn’t gotten much of a revival is a focus on their intro animations. We’ve seen plenty of soundtracks and games themselves redone, but these remakes of Konami intros caught me off guard. Plus they get bonus points for taking me back to Castlevania (above) again. Rickonami has also taken on… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Defend Your Nuts

As gamers, we tend to forget that our furry, nature based friends have conflicts of their own but monsters and other inhabitants of of the darkside are equal opportunity when it comes to causing problems. Defend Your Nuts may sound like something you do after making a chauvinistic remark, but it quite literally tells the… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Official Pac-Man Clothing Line

Every season, a fashion house comes up with a theme and makes clothes to fit that theme. That being said, Japanese clothier Varosh has teamed up with Namco Bandai to bring a Pac-Man clothing line to stores. As part of their “Electric Night” theme, Pac-Man will be adorning boxers, shoes, ties, shirts and even rings…. Continue reading