Hey! Play! Super Mario Bros Crossover 2.0

Jay Pavlina of Exploding Rabbit has released version 2.0 of his ridiculously awesome Super Mario Bros. Crossover. Since we last visited the game, Jay and crew have added new characters like Ryu Hyabusa and Bass, multiple skins for each character and a bunch of new music. The coolest change, though, has to be the new… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Fan-made Zelda: The Lost Oracle Animation Better Inspire Nintendo

Fresh off a refreshing step forward for The Legend of Zelda franchise with Skyward Sword, animator Joel Furtado has a vision for the Wii U entry in the franchise. He put together an incredible trailer, Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (below) that teases us as to what a Wii U Zelda may look like in the Wind Waker… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! How It Should Have Ended: BioShock

Video games don’t always end the way we’d like especially when things like sequels and depleted budgets make intense stories difficult to wrap up. Fortunately for the world of begrudged gamers, the kind folks over at How It Should Have Ended have taken it upon themselves to reimagine some of gaming’s least popular conclusions. It’s tough to argue that… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Link Visits the Pwn Stars

You know the economy is bad when Link has to sell his piece of the Triforce. Unfortunately, his haggling skills do not quite up to his adventuring skills and Rick, the owner of the Pwn Shop, knows it. Somebody get Link a business manager. Source: Joystiq The Game Station

Hey! Watch! Nolan North Really Does Do Every Voice of Every Video Game Character

There’s a strong possibility that even if you are familiar with Nolan North as the man behind the voice of Nathan Drake, that you have no idea just how often you have heard his voice work. I actually try and keep tabs on him and was floored to find out he voiced my favorite character… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Random Heroes

Just when you thought it was safe to vandalize  gravestones, two emo kids come along and discover that getting in trouble by their parents would have been a more prefered consequence for disrespecting the dead as their exploits open up a portal to a hostile world. Fortunately for them (though I assume they died as a result) and the… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Skills of the Sky

The holiday season is upon us and I feel thankful for the opportunity to be in such a giving mood this week. Below you’ll find two short videos from the world of gaming that are ridiculous in nature, but pretty cool examples of what us weirdos in the video game universe come up with when… Continue reading

Hey! Play! PoleRiders

I was recently approached by our own Joshlee Dot Com about partaking in a bit of “pole riding” after we finished up a live podcast.  It was late in the evening and I was too tired to resist, so I agreed to the activity despite not knowing what it was (Joshlee Dot Com has trusting eyes and… Continue reading