Hey! Play! Indie Games Summer Uprising III Begins

While we admit at this point it is quite fun to browse through the Xbox Indie Games library in hopes of finding traumatic gaming experiences, the service is still in dire need of solid indie games. Luckily the Indie Games Summer Uprising is becoming a yearly event, and this year brings us 9 straight days… Continue reading

Hey! Play! The Border Lands: Borderlands 2 Demake

Demakes are some of my favorite displays of fanaticism. Usually it takes a talented fan with some programming skills and a healthy obsession to pull off a retro retelling of his/her game of choice. So if you told me that a game company released a demake of their upcoming game as a promotional tool for… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Big Daddy is Overprotective on Little Sister’s Big Date

It’s pretty obvious upon the your first encounter with a Big Daddy in BioShock that his relationship with the Little Sisters is a very special bond. Dorkly explores the inevitable test that every Big Daddy fears – Little Sister going on her first date as a teenager. While I don’t have a daughter of my… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! You Forgot to Hit Pause, SNES Idle Animation Montage

Do you remember the first time your video game character got annoyed with you? Idle animations that break down the 4th wall are one of my favorite small touches in video games. I’m guessing YouTube user TropicalContactHigh probably agrees with me as he/she put together a stellar video featuring just about every idle animation you… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Conan is a Clueless Gamer but can still Review Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

by with Comments Off on Hey! Watch! Conan is a Clueless Gamer but can still Review Michael Phelps: Push the Limit

One of the outs that I tend to give Kinect games is that they aren’t meant for the type of gamer that I am. Kinect games are trying to appeal to a wider audience and be simple to jump in and play. That’s why Conan O’Brien’s most recent video segment, Clueless Gamer, may offer the… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! 3D 8-Bit Time Lapse Mario Chalk Art

I’ve seen some dizzying street art before, but I’ve always been interested to see how 3D artwork gets made on the street level. Leave it to Mario to show me the way. Well, more specifically, Chris Carlson, the artist behind this chalk art Mario piece that literally leaps off of the ground. Chris spent around 11… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Tiger Electronics Video Game Commercial

Now, I’ve defended Tiger Electronics video games in the past. They were an important part of my childhood road trips as I wouldn’t go anywhere without Simon’s Quest, Double Dragon, or Baseball. Now, I’m starting to think I may have some rose-colored nostalgia after seeing the original commercial: First of all, I had no idea… Continue reading