Hey! Watch! Sega Rally Championship RC Cars

Some people go to tech events to geek out around their favorite hobbies. Others produce those moments that make us geek out. The Arcade Man is working with a team to produce one such geekout worthy project for an event in Portugal called Sapo Codebits. The team is taking an old sit-down arcade driving game… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! WiiU Grooves by Dj CUTMAN

Hey! loves its video game music, and one of our favorite artists, Dj CUTMAN, is back with an interesting selection for his game music remixed with hip-hop beats. Nintendo has put together some truly stellar menu music on its consoles, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t looking forward to “hearing” what it… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Super Meat Boy Galaxy or Play! If You Like Charity

Super Meat Boy encapsulated my love for the most rewarding aspects of 2D platformers with great control, level design, challenge, and charm. Once you conquer 2D, it’s natural to wonder what a game’s evolution to 3D would look like. Surely though, lightning couldn’t strike twice for SMB? I mean the idea of a Super Meat Boy… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Serious Castlevania: Hymn of Blood Web Series

Nothing scares me more than the prospect of a Hollywood movie version of Castlevania. Granted I’m overprotective of the franchise, but I still think my fears are warranted. While the production of such a film thankfully continues to struggle into endless roadblocks, I never considered the prospect of a watchable web series. Web series restored… Continue reading

Hey! Look! You Are Missed Tech Illustrations

To date myself a bit, one of the things I always looked forward to in my early subscriptions to Nintendo Power was the art submitted by gamers. I was even known to submit my own “art” though I’m still waiting for the first piece to be published. I still regularly enjoy looking through game inspired… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Pinball Duo Accessory Adds Plunger and Flipper Control to iPad

Somewhere in the last year, digital pinball has inexplicably fascinated more than a few of the Horrible Night contributors. At first, it seemed all innocent until Josh mentioned that he was actively working on an arcade controller mod to have a more authentic experience. Thankfully, those pinball fans not interested in breaking out a soldering… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Mechanical Donkey Kong V1

I’ve always been a fan of video games mainly due to them granting players the ability to interact with situations that are impossible to recreate in real life without the use of computer graphics. Apparently, our gaming roots aren’t as far fetched as I give them credit for Martin Raynsford is well on his way… Continue reading