Hey! Listen! Super Metroid Symphony Sounds as Good as It Played

The Synthetic Orchestra is known for creating orchestral compositions of select video game music. It is a project by Blake Robinson that has tackled a variety of classic games. Now he has turned his attention to one of the most atmospheric video game soundtracks of all time, Super Metroid. Super Metroid Symphony is an hour-long… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Chrono Jigga Jay-Z Mash-Up with Chrono Trigger by 2 Mello

As someone who has non-sensical hip-hop tastes, The Grey Album was responsible for actually opening my mind to enjoying his music. So you can say I have a soft spot for Jay-Z mash-ups. Add in my weakness for video game music that is well documented on this and you know I never stood a chance… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Bombermine is 1,000 Player Bomberman

There have been a surprising number of new Bomberman games this generation, but everyone has their favorite classic version to point to. Honestly, I thought the series peaked with 4 players until I got into a few awesome 8 player matches. So maybe more is better, or at least worth trying for free. Bombermine is… Continue reading

Hey! Wear! The Legend of Zelda Temple Hoodie Collection

While I still love geeking out with my more straight-forward graphic tees, I also enjoy the more subtley design video game apparel. These new hoodies at Fangamer inspired by the temples of The Legend of Zelda series definitely pay tribute in a way that fans will appreciate while being a bit more covert and fashionable… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! 90’s Nintendo Promo Videos

As a survivor of heavy doses of Nintendo propaganda, nothing is quite so therapeutic as reliving my favorite youth drug of choice. There’s just something incredible about how badly 90’s advertising has aged. Lucky for all of us, YouTube user JJ Hendricks has uploaded handful of promotional videos of Nintendo’s finest work. I can’t really… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Steam Roulette to Pick a Game For You

Finally, gamers now have a weapon in the growing battle against their Steam backlog. By entering your Steam ID into Steam Roulette this free service will scan your game library and randomly select a game for you to play. It seems simple, but the payoff of having something else solve the greatest of first world… Continue reading

Hey! Play! The Best Part of Monkey Island – Insult Swordfighting in a Browser

Let’s face it, the main reason I’ve been trying to talk people into playing The Secret of Monkey Island ever since it came out is so that they can play one of my favorite sequences in video games – Insult Swordfighting. Now, there’s no longer the hindrance of playing the great game around it as… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Game Boy as an Android Gamepad

If CES didn’t scratch your itch for Android gaming or sexy devices, maybe you are just a bit more hands-on or old school. Either way I’d like to direct you to Brian Benchoff from Hack A Day’s recent project combining an Android phone, a Game Boy, and a Wii-mote into one memorable retro-modern handheld gaming… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Armcannon Returns with LegVacuum 2

Armcannon is one of the best video game cover/reimaginist/progressive metal bands around so I recommend that you pay attention when they release a new album. So pay attention today because LegVacuum 2 is available now. With hits from Ninja Gaiden, Chrono Trigger, Castelvania 3, F-Zero, Killer Instinct, Mega Man 3, and Final Fantasy what really… Continue reading