Hey! Play! Armor Mayhem

I didn’t expect much when I came across Armor Mayhem while procrastinating at the office.  People tend to attach mayhem to things as a means of grabbing some one’s attention and seldom does it aptly describe the item. I’m happy to report that Armor Mayhem does contain both armor and mayhem as well as being… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Fallout 3 Demake

I’ve always loved the idea of remaking an old school game with new school technology, but this recent trend of reversing that formula may actually interest me more. Bethesda recently jumped on board with this idea for their Japanesse website, creating a demake of Fallout 3 with NES Final Fantasy style graphics and gameplay mechanics.  It’s… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Come Get Some with the Duke of Nukem

Why is that all fan produced films based on video games are ten times better than anything Hollywood could ever hope to produce? This Duke fan project is really well done with seemingly high production values. Would it make a great feature film? Probably not, but I could watch high quality teaser trailers made by fans… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! The Brothers Mario are at Home in Liberty Mushroom City

It has been a while since I’ve seen a new machinima worth watching, but combining Super Mario Bros with GTA IV certainly gets my attention. Great music and dialog, along with an interesting interpretation of the Mario artstyle into the GTA world are what make this one stand out. However, it’s the Nintendo references scattered… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Modern War Gear Solid

What happens when a pretty sweet supporting character from one series teams up with the pretty sweet main character from a completely different series and are then forced to fight the conglomeration of their two arch enemies? If you answered Modern War Gear Solid then you are correct and also really good at guessing games. Guerrilla filmmakers Beat… Continue reading

Hey! Play! The Updated First Batman Game

Forget the new useless trailer for the next Batman game, let’s go old school. Back to the very first Batman game originally released for PC’s back in 1986. RetroRemakes has completed their colorful update of the isometric adventure. Help Batman find all of the pieces of his BatCraft that have been lost in Wayne Manor… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Famicom Skate Park

For some unknown reason I’ve watched a few fingerboarding videos over the past couple of days. While I don’t really understand the point, they are entertaining. The amount of work involved in producing one of these videos is ridiculous and the amount of time it takes for someone to get good at using your fingers… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Everyone’s favorite app, Angry Birds, continues its ascension into pop culture. This time it is by the way of parody on a skit by the Israeli comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” depicting the peace treaty signing between birds and pigs. The language is a bit strong for kids, but the costumes and music fit right into the… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Creative Uncut Concept Art Archive

At one point in time, the games we play were merely brainstorms on a sketch pad. For the super fans  but especially those interested in gaming design, it’s nice to be able to see those ideas before they hit our favorite console. Creative Uncut has taken an affinity for concept work and developed a website dedicated to all things game… Continue reading

Hey! Listen! Free Zelda Soundtracks

There are certain moments where the internet still makes me proud, when its full scope of usefulness comes to fruition. The most recent moment of internet perfection belongs to Zelda Informer. They have compiled the full soundtracks of every Legend of Zelda game.  Zelda fan site brings together all of the soundtracks from the series. These are… Continue reading