Hey! Play! Castaway 2

Grab your browser window, add a cup of Secret of Mana and a dash of Pokemon and presto, you’ve got the browser based action RPG Castaway 2 to help you kill time between trashcan basketball games. Castaway 2 tells the not so unfamiliar tale of a plucky young boy lost on a mystical island. Being that he’s not exactly sure how… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Talking Portal Turret Plushie

Since it had been years since I had last played Portal, I had forgotten about the little touches that make that game so damn entertaining. A big part of those little touches was the personality given to the lovable turrets in the testing facility. They seem so innocent when they are shooting you, that you… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Pyramid Head Can Torment Couch Crashers in Your Living Room

The public opinion on gamers is that we never fully escaped childhood, so what better way to prove them right then by demonstrating poor impulse control and purchasing a super expensive action figure (or statuette depending on how much of a pretentious turd you are). This resin figurine goes for around $380.00 US dollars (31,500… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Real Life Combat Strategies for Torchlight 2 Monsters

I’m usually a big fan of Runic Games, but a recent announcement about Torchlight 2 has not sat well with me, and it’s time to speak out. As some of you may have seen, Runic offered up a preview of a few of the creatures that will inhabit Torchlight 2, but in their excitement failed… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! The Mario Bros. Get Gangsta

It seems like once a week there is a new Mario related piece of business uploaded to youtube. Whether it be “real life Mario Kart,” or “1st person shooter Mario,” something always grabs the attention of the Horrible Night staff. In discussing this and other Mario related videos with my wife the other day, she said… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Conan Likes Angry Birds

We’ve discussed how Angry Birds has swept the nation, and frankly it’s getting a little tiresome. I really like the game and I know that it can be really addicting but come on. It is getting ridiculous. They even have Angry Birds clothing available at your local mall’s Hot Topic. It’s been awhile since I… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! DinoCity Review

Have you gentlepeople ever heard of a game called DinoCity? Well, neither have I. Until JDevL shared this “retro” review with me, I was blissfully unaware of one of the most inane titles ever published on the Super Nintendo. I understand there are a ton of games released that I’ve never heard of but there… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Elephant Quest

Few people understand what it truly means to love someone, or something, in the case of the elephant star of the RPG platformer Elephant Quest. A jerk-off woolly mammoth has decided he likes your hat better than his and takes it by force, leaving our trunked protagonist angry and alone. Revenge, like usual appears to be… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Magicka Infomercial

I can’t think of a better way to advertise for the quirky downloadable dungeon crawler, Magicka, than a ridiculous infomercial. It actually gives you a good glimpse as to the sense of humor that carries throughout the game and helps separate it from its hack/slash/magic brethren. I promise you though, the magic(k?) effects in the… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Tasty Planet

There’s nothing quite like an underdog story, and in a strange sort of way that’s what Tasty Planet basically is. Starting out as a tiny little blob the size of a microbe, you consume the little things around you and increase in size, further expanding your potential for consumption. The mechanic is a bit like Beautiful… Continue reading