Hey! Watch! Mario and Luigi are Dancing Again

Those crazy brothers are at it again. A few weeks ago we saw Mario and Luigi dancing at a burlesque show. This time, they are dancing the Jitterbug at the 2011 National Jitterbug Championships. Morgan Day and Emily Wigger (unfortunate last name), play the brothers in a Mario themed jitterbug complete with Mario music and sound… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! The Silly Adventures of Mr. Mochi in Oblivion

I remember putting at least a 100 hours into the world of Oblivion but rarely strayed off the path of righteousness. Despite the incredible possibility of  shenanigans that presented themselves time and time again, the quests and a very obsessive video game code of morality kept me restrained with only my imagination as a means… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Start and Complete your NES Collection for $75,000

Nostalgia has certainly has a price. Most of us fulfill that desire piece by piece, but rarely do we see it encapsulated into the collection of our dreams. Some would call that collection priceless, others like posterman on eBay think $75,000 is a fair price. Posterman has assembled arguably a complete collection of 947 NES… Continue reading

Hey! Look! A Month of Samus

Artist Chris Furniss has dedicated the month of July to Zero Suit Samus. He will be releasing a new Samus piece every day for the entire month. You can view the entire collection on the Wasabi Sunshine site and Chris has even made the work available for purchase on his Etsy shop. So far Samus has… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Rooster Teeth’s Video Game Inventories in Real Life

The world is full of sticklers, some of which take issue with the lack of realism in movies, television and even games. The science team at Rooster Teeth has taken it upon themselves to look into the real life application of gaming’s loose take on inventory systems. It goes without saying that hilarity does ensue…. Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Kinect Graffiti

The most exciting aspects of Kinect continue to be with the non-gaming experiments that users are coming on their own. The latest example (above) comes from Jean-Christophe Naour who hopes to use Kinect in order to visualize the art behind the art of graffiti. Kinect can track artists movements and create artwork from those movements… Continue reading

Hey! Play! Papa’s Taco Mia!

Ever since my best friend started running a Tex-Mex style eatery out in Montana (The Silver Tip, great reviews and a solid chap behind the counter, tell Matt that Ethan sent you), I’ve been curious about what it takes to run such a joint on a day to day basis.  His descriptions of long days and getting… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! 50 Genesis Games Spoiled

Released on August 14, 1989, the Sega Genesis was the first real competitor to Nintendo’s dominance on the home console market. But seeing how Justin L and I were die hard Nintendo fanboys, we didn’t get the chance to play many of the games released on the Genesis. Luckily, the Fine Brothers are there to… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Evolution of Video Games

There was a time, not so long ago, when games were little more than tiny squares with a less than diverse color palette. With how much gamers and developers focus on graphics today, it’s amazing to think what twenty plus years has done to our attitudes. Let’s all be honest and say it: we’re spoiled. However,… Continue reading

Hey! Play? EA Employee’s Goodbye

The thing with game developers is that they can make games, that’s what they do, that’s what they are great doing, and it’s their life. Still I’m always amazed when they apply these skills to other events in their life. In what is becoming a favorite new trend of mine, software engineer Ben Burbank decided… Continue reading