Gaming Connoisseur: When Death in Games Mattered

Remember when you actually cared about trying to stay alive in a video game? You were given a certain amount of lives to complete your task. While there were ways to gain an extra life, there was somewhat of a challenge involved with doing so. Today’s games lack the same challenges of the old days…. Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Video Game Music is Better

Time to pay tribute to the best noises in video games, the music: What are your favorite video game soundtracks? Including any new updates to classic music by different artists. Want in on the weekly conversation? Every Wednesday we pose a question on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can answer from Wednesdays through Mondays on Twitter… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Halo: Combat Evolved

Some people think that technology has ruined our appreciation for the finer things in life, but maybe those people should take a step back and appreciate the technology they have. Our very survival may depend on it if we are to believe the lessons of Halo: Combat Evolved. The Lessons of Halo: Combat Evolved Alien… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Sorry Honey

For the first time, we opened up this week’s discussion to the community on Facebook, check out their responses below our answers to: What video game character do you think has or would have the hardest time maintaining lasting relationships and why? JP (JPizzle151) I still don’t understand how Mario and Peach are still an… Continue reading

Are You a Video Game Geek, Nerd, or Dork?

Labels have been used for centuries as a means to quickly categorize people or groups based on the qualities they possess that stand out the most. While some labels are good, others have made it easier to alienate or mock the less desirable members of our society. When looking at video games and video game… Continue reading

Just 5 More Minutes: Halo 2 Multiplayer

By the age of 24, I’d pretty much given up on video games. I was more interested in strengthening my DVD collection than owning the latest consoles and games. Plus, I didn’t have enough income to bolster both collections so ultimately, one had to suffer. That is…until I started working at a bar in Davis,… Continue reading

Mail This: Minibosses Unaware of Pecking Order

From: GiffTor, Outside Efficiency Consultant To: Midlevel, Mini- and Sub-Bosses Re: Organizational Structure Executive Summary I’ve been brought in by management and tasked with taking some of your time today to discuss the proper natural order of things, specifically, the fact that you are all mid-level bosses yet seem either unaware or uncaring regarding your… Continue reading

E3 11: Microsoft – The Horrible Show 060711

Here goes nothing. Justin, Josh, and JP kick off E3 2011 with reactions to Microsoft’s Press, I mean, Global Media Briefing. Tomb Raider, Gears 3, a new dashboard, multiple Halos, and more Kinect news than a body can handle. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow Show Notes Cast: Justin L, Josh, JP Guide:0… Continue reading

Mail This: Invade Already!

Dear Malevolent Interstellar Invaders, Whether you’re an insectiform hive intent on wiping out any and all competitors, a reptilian dynastic empire driven to conquer and enslave all life, or synthetic super-collective whose prime directive is to assimilate intelligent life everywhere in a quest for god-hood… would you hurry up and invade already? Look, I know that… Continue reading