Horrible Newswire: Have a Beta or 2

Do you remember the years that would go by without new games from Blizzard? Enjoy 2012 because this doesn’t happen very often. Elsewhere, hackers are still being dicks to games that don’t deserve it. We previewed the first major month of new releases, explored our backlog, and introduced your weekly radio segment. Last Week’s Headlines… Continue reading

Drawing the Line at Tails – Super Gaming Best Friends #116

Josh transforms into Big Bo, Justin is confused by Death’s weaponry, Cole is convinced The Last Story will be the only story, Brandon is training a new generation of heroic builders, and together they take a stand against interspecies procreation. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Break Things

Hey Sony is back and better than, well, PSN is back, sorta. At least Microsoft decided to jump in on the fun and knowingly break some 360s while Warner Bros attempts to break Batman. I don’t think anything snapped on our site, but we did try to fix Too Human. Every day we are on… Continue reading

Is the Guild Wars 2 Manifesto Video Enough to Get You to MMO?

Guild Wars has the distinction of being the only other major MMO that I have put significant time into. It wasn’t a stretch for me since ArenaNet‘s RPG doesn’t require a subscription, and it was incredibly fun to play with friends. The game had a very distinct art style, and was powered by unique streaming… Continue reading