REPLY TO ALL: How Much Borderlands?

So the last bit of Borderlands 2 DLC came out last week, right after The Pre-Sequel (developed by a different team) was announced for PC, 360, PS3. So, for the sake of this conversation, we can assume that the primary Borderlands team is working on a next-gen Borderlands 3. AND Telltale’s Borderlands series is starting… Continue reading

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep DLC Review: It’s About Time

While I’ve felt pretty good about being an early adopter of the Borderlands 2 season pass, I’ve not exactly been overwhelmed by extra content that’s been made available since the game’s release. I’ve definitely gotten my money’s worth out of the package, the last 3 pieces of DLC played it a bit too safe for… Continue reading

Borderlands 2: The Right to a Bazillion Guns – The Cursed Checkpoint #127

Brandon, Aaron, and Justin G take a break from their bazillionder gun hunt to discuss how much more Borderlands 2 is the right amount of Borderlands, as well as their thoughts on the future of the franchise. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video… Continue reading

Hey! Play! The Border Lands: Borderlands 2 Demake

Demakes are some of my favorite displays of fanaticism. Usually it takes a talented fan with some programming skills and a healthy obsession to pull off a retro retelling of his/her game of choice. So if you told me that a game company released a demake of their upcoming game as a promotional tool for… Continue reading

Aliens: Colonial Marines Do Not Have it Easy in Latest Trailer

While I love the Aliens movies, the series has not translated well at all to video games. Aliens: Colonial Marines has shown promise and has a competent developer behind it that has more than raised a furor with our resident Aliens aficionado, Justin Gifford. Even after yet another recent delay, his enthusiasm for the game… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Download Experimentation

Starbreeze (The Riddick Games, The Darkness, Syndicate) recently announced they are developing an exclusive game for PSN. What major developer would you like to see take a crack at a smaller downloadable title, and what do you think they would try and make? Or do you think they should stick with their AAA titles? Want… Continue reading

Duke Nukem Forever’s PR Firm Thinks PR Means Pissed Revenge

As many of you may know already, Duke Nukem Forever didn’t exactly dazzle anyone despite the insane amount of teasing and hype surrounding its long awaited release. Feeling the need to imitate a mother bear protecting her cub, The Redner Group (the PR team behind DNF) lashed out at the game’s critics, stating: “Too many… Continue reading