It Doesn’t Matter: You Fools! EA is not the Worst Company in America

In a weird sort of symmetry with March Madness the Consumerist, an “online resource for consumer-driven advice,” had its own tournament with brackets and everything. Their brackets pitted different companies in America against each other in an online vote to see which company would come out on bottom as the worst company in America. The… Continue reading

Counter Gaming: Piracy

I received an email this past week in reference to my Dead Rising 2 post. An unnamed individual was trying to play his pirated version of Dead Rising 2 and was having problems. For those of you not in the know, I had a ton of issues with loading this game. After hours of tweaks… Continue reading

Minecraft and the Great Gaming Divide

In a recent mailing list showing the top stories of the day I noticed that the top story was one about how its nearly impossible to make money on big budget games for a lot of developers. In the same list, the second-to-top story talks about Minecraft, a game developed on $0 budget by… Continue reading

August Sales Go for a Dive, Shocks No One But Analysts

The economy is in a bit of a wounded state at the moment¬†and the video game industry doesn’t appear to be any different. Software sales numbers from August came in last week and the results were “shocking” to analysts from the NPD Group. On the whole, there was a drop of around 14% in overall… Continue reading

Red Dead Redemption Staff Cut Despite Massive Success

It’s safe to say that Red Dead Redemption exceeded the sales expectations of just about everyone. It is a massive experience that took years upon years of development from the dedicated team at Rockstar San Diego. Recently, Rockstar announced that 4 more packs of downloadable content will be heading to the title in the next… Continue reading

The Quest for the Ultimate Career

Like many of my gamer buddies out there, I’ve dreamed of sitting in an office all day long and getting paid to play through the early phases of game development as a tester. When I found out this job existed, I day dreamed about rolling in to work with my Square-Enix leather jacket or in… Continue reading