Gamers Have Nothing to Apologize For

As humans, we love to organize ourselves and others into convenient little groups. Whether it’s a means to identify a friendly clan of like minded individuals or a way to protect ourselves from those who may cause us danger, this generalization has a very primitive foundation that was most likely derived from the fight or… Continue reading

This Infographic Proves that Gaming is Good for You

I’ve played video games for nearly 25 years, and some say I’m just a big kid. I say, “You’re right.” My son is very into video games, and I keep trying to find that balance to keep him informed but not over the top. I’ve been a firm supporter of the positive effects of video… Continue reading

So, Can I Talk About Gaming Now?

After weekly podcasts for the last year and a hundred or so odd articles, I’d like to think I have a high level of expertise in the field of gaming and gaming culture. Obviously, my knowledge and press credentials aren’t anywhere near that of the Sesslers and Gerstmann’s of our generation, but I can hold… Continue reading

Now Dreaming About a Scott Pilgrim NES Cartridge Blu-Ray Case

The DVD/Blu-ray release of Scott Pilgrim vs The World was recently announced to be November 9 and we couldn’t be more excited. Except of course, if the movie came in this awesome fan-made NES case and cartridge. Apparently, an even bigger Scott Pilgrim fan than us, Adam Lowe, made the case and sent photos to… Continue reading

A Zelda Theme That Rocks

When you get burnt out on the pace of E3 and the seemingly endless trailers, previews, and release date info, it’s nice to kick back and enjoy a little homage as to why we like games in the first place. I give you I Fight Dragons and their rendition of the Legend of Zelda Theme…. Continue reading

Old School Video Game Propaganda

One trait that all fans of old school video games share is their ability to interpret the rudimentary graphics and use their imagination to get absorbed in a much denser world surrounding the actual game. Artist Steve Thomas has taken his interpretations a step further and created a series of propaganda posters for classic games… Continue reading

The Citadel in LEGO (Mass Effect)

LEGO artwork never ceases to amaze me, but even more impressive is when someone goes to the lengths to create something that doesn’t physically exist. Catsy CSF took it upon himself to create The Citadel from the Mass Effect series in LEGO form. This means he had to study and interpret the limited views available… Continue reading