Gaming Advocate: Do Monsters Have Rights?

When I go to sleep at night, I sometimes dream of all the monsters I’ve destroyed throughout my life as a gamer. What some may consider a nightmare is a delightful jaunt that endlessly highlights all that I’ve accomplished. Unfortunately, I read an article that a vegan wrote about hunting and how we continue to… Continue reading

Gaming Advocate: Save the Game Boobies

In this society obsessed with political correctness, it’s sometimes difficult to be honest without feeling the wrath of the oversensitive and insecure. I happen to be a fan of honesty; in fact I believe it’s the best policy. That’s why I’m perfectly fine with admitting that I enjoy looking at the nude and/or semi nude female form…. Continue reading

Gaming Advocate: Pick Glory Not Flowers

As many of have noticed, they just don’t make video game heroes like they used to. It used to be simple and straightforward, but gone are the days of a hero merely walking into a castle and saving the princess. Somewhere along the way, either society started asking too much of our heroes or our… Continue reading

Gaming Advocate: Stop Killing Humans

Battlefield 3 is coming out tomorrow and Modern Warfare 3 a few short weeks later, which makes the next month a huge deal for gamers everywhere. With the culmination of these events, we’ll finally know which of the two behemoths is the top dog of first person shooting. I’m going to predict that both will… Continue reading