Games of Our Wives: The Sims 3

Like the other guys, I’m very lucky to be in a relationship with someone who tolerates the amount of time I spend either playing video games or writing/talking about them. And like a lot of… non-traditional gamers, my fiance plays some casual games on her iPad (yes, I’m marrying an Apple-user) every once in a while, but with… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: New Super Mario Bros. Wii

My wife’s gaming habits are strange. She likes point and click adventure games like Myst and Monkey Island. But she also likes puzzle games like Zuma and Angry Birds. However, on certain occasions she’ll gravitate towards a game that I had no idea she’d love. When she first played New Super Mario Bros. on the… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: Monster Dash

The games of the App Store continue to copy and one-up each other more and more, which makes it hard to sort through the rip-off clones vs the great games that improve on tried and true gameplay. I wrote off Monster Dash at first as just a Canabalt clone, which happens to be one of… Continue reading

Games of Our Wives: World of Zoo

Saying my wife dislikes video games is like saying people who are lactose intolerant get uncomfortable after ingesting milk. Her disdain for my beloved form of entertainment has all the power of a post milkshake diarrhea blast and if she had it her way, the medium wouldn’t exist. Boy was I surprised when she walked… Continue reading