Pitched: Resident Evil 7 Should Include the Ridiculousness of Resident Evil: Retribution

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After finally watching Resident Evil: Retribution on my flight back to Germany, I’m happy to report I’ve seen every movie that has spawned from my beloved franchise. While I’m not prepared to claim that the Resident Evil movies are anything more than visually sound SyFy channel originals, I’ve enjoyed my time watching them. That being said,… Continue reading

Ubisoft to Co-op with New Regency on Assassin’s Creed Movie

So it looks like the film adaptation of Assassin’s Creed is still in the works, which I’ll honestly say doesn’t excite me. I respect those of you that love that franchise and I really don’t want what happened to me with the Resident Evil movies happen to you. Regardless, New Regency will begin with a… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Like It Should Be

A large company tried to shut down our Shiniest Objects lifeblood, but we will survive! This week, gaming’s biggest franchise returns, studio troubles and acquisitions, plus that war game sold a lot. We started off our week kinda scared from the best holiday, confused by our lack of game type, and left you with home… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: Show Us

EA was everywhere this week as the Battlefield 3 beta opened up and they finally revealed Syndicate. We went live this week on The Horrible Show, and some other stuff happened as Cole twisted our Remake It So series into something completely different. Every day we are on the look out for the most interesting… Continue reading

Pitched: The Altered Beast Movie

There are a ton of games out there that could easily be made into palatable movies, but I wanted to start big while at the same time resurrecting a franchise that essentially shaped my adolescent life, so I went with Altered Beast. Why Altered Beast, you may ask? Well, before I punch you in the… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 02-03-11: Does January 2011 Matter?

How committed we are to reviewing the monthly video game industry headlines? We got iced in and patiently waited for the internet to be restored just for this podcast. Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Christina reconnect to bring you the headlines of Jan 2011. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow Some thought it would… Continue reading

Heavy Rain to be Stripped of Interactivity and Turned into Regular Movie

The game to mediocre movie transformation  has  another potential victim in its sights in the popular and non-conventional adventure crime drama Heavy Rain. David Milch of NYPD Blue and Deadwood fame will be writing a script for the adaptation, simply titled “Rain”. There are no details on when the movie will be released, but Milch will begin work… Continue reading

Scott Pilgrim Can Still Be Saved

Things only got worse for our friend, Scott Pilgrim, in his battle vs the Box Office this weekend. Placing in a dismal 10th place overall, time may be running out to #SaveScottPilgrim on the big screen. We haven’t given up as we still hold out hope that geeks will unite to bring others to experience… Continue reading