Hey! Remember! Play It Loud Game Boys

As the world’s go-to 7 year-old for pretty much everything, I had strong opinions about the Game Boy when it was released. Mainly that the Game Boy only plays baby games that weren’t cool enough to be on my “Intendo.” Or it could have been that I was jealous because the only Game Boy in my… Continue reading

Top Video Game Podcast #207 – Soul Digger Remix Pass

Aaron and Justin are really concerned for all of the souls of video games now that E.T. has been recovered. Aaron is also into NES Remixes. Justin loves failing at Dark Souls II. Plus Mario Kart 8 preorder bonuses, Twitch domination, and more. Top Video Game Podcast – Gaming topics worth talking about according to the Horrible… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Game Boy as an Android Gamepad

If CES didn’t scratch your itch for Android gaming or sexy devices, maybe you are just a bit more hands-on or old school. Either way I’d like to direct you to Brian Benchoff from Hack A Day’s recent project combining an Android phone, a Game Boy, and a Wii-mote into one memorable retro-modern handheld gaming… Continue reading

Hey! Look! You Are Missed Tech Illustrations

To date myself a bit, one of the things I always looked forward to in my early subscriptions to Nintendo Power was the art submitted by gamers. I was even known to submit my own “art” though I’m still waiting for the first piece to be published. I still regularly enjoy looking through game inspired… Continue reading

The Tetris Connection – The Horrible Show Live #313

Ecstasy of Order: The Tetris Masters is coming to Indianapolis and Justin, Cole and Josh have Tetris on the brain. From classic NES Tetris to today’s versions the cast discusses the influence that Tetris has had on them and their other favorite puzzle games. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of HorribleNight.com as… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Your Stupid Accessories

We’ve all been suckered into a few great but mostly terrible accessories to enhance our favorite games. Where to even begin? Alex (streetalchemist) That’s an easy one. The gaming accessory I regret the most was the Reality Quest “Glove” controller for the original Playstation. This thing was awful. Sure it might have looked badass and made you… Continue reading

Just 5 More Minutes: Kirby’s Dream Land

I need to talk today about a moment that is important in the life of every young gamer. When we’re young, we have all sorts of influences on our gaming habits. We may have parents who play, older siblings we watch play, or even friends at school we play with. At some point later you… Continue reading

Chip Music Appreciation Part 2

I’m sure by now that most of you are somewhat familiar with the concept of the chip music (aka chiptune) genre. It’s growing in popularity and has been making a comeback in modern gaming as well as branching into both film and TV. We covered the basics of what it is and how it’s generated… Continue reading