Hey! Watch! Link Visits the Pwn Stars

You know the economy is bad when Link has to sell his piece of the Triforce. Unfortunately, his haggling skills do not quite up to his adventuring skills and Rick, the owner of the Pwn Shop, knows it. Somebody get Link a business manager. Source: Joystiq The Game Station

Hey! Watch! Rage Plays Peekaboo

No one ever doubted that the inhabitants of the wastelands of Rage were a bit, well, tweaked. This leads to some pretty crafty targets that are tough to lay a bullet on, but sometimes they are a little too smart for their own good. Even the best AI can be exploited, and thankfully these can… Continue reading

Hey! Look! Talking Portal Turret Plushie

Since it had been years since I had last played Portal, I had forgotten about the little touches that make that game so damn entertaining. A big part of those little touches was the personality given to the lovable turrets in the testing facility. They seem so innocent when they are shooting you, that you… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! The Mario Bros. Get Gangsta

It seems like once a week there is a new Mario related piece of business uploaded to youtube. Whether it be “real life Mario Kart,” or “1st person shooter Mario,” something always grabs the attention of the Horrible Night staff. In discussing this and other Mario related videos with my wife the other day, she said… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Angry Birds Peace Treaty

Everyone’s favorite app, Angry Birds, continues its ascension into pop culture. This time it is by the way of parody on a skit by the Israeli comedy show “Eretz Nehederet” depicting the peace treaty signing between birds and pigs. The language is a bit strong for kids, but the costumes and music fit right into the… Continue reading

A Mega Man vs Spikes

I cannot stop laughing at this brilliant Mega Man video. I always knew that going through theses levels so many times and facing impossible obstacles had to drive even a Mega Man crazy. Stick with it for the first 30 seconds, because even when you think you know where it’s going you aren’t prepared for… Continue reading