Brink Review: On the Verge of Fun

With all of the time I spent with the developer Splash Damage’s two Enemy Territory games, Wolfenstein and Quake Wars (and the exemplary job it did refining and improving on the formula between the two games), Brink‘s lineage was obvious enough to get me excited to see what the next iteration would have in store. Like its predecessors,… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Evolution of Video Games

There was a time, not so long ago, when games were little more than tiny squares with a less than diverse color palette. With how much gamers and developers focus on graphics today, it’s amazing to think what twenty plus years has done to our attitudes. Let’s all be honest and say it: we’re spoiled. However,… Continue reading

The Basics of Brink

Brink has made a lot of promises during its development, and at first glance the game certainly does look promising. Being a class based game seeking to “blur the lines between single and multiplayer first person shooter gameplay” seems interesting enough. Add to that a unique sci-fi setting, art style, and character customizations fills out… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 Does Look A Bit More Modern

This is an interesting year for FPS games. We’ve already seen Homefront fall flat on its face, and Crysis 2 pique some interest but ultimately fly under the radar. EA isn’t sitting still and has been steadily releasing info and video on Battlefield 3, including these 12 minutes of destructive goodness: Battlefield 3 is being… Continue reading

Rage: Dead City Trailer is Full of Tentacles, Slime but Not Considered Hentai

id Software seems to be the developer that pushes the envelope when it comes to graphics, and after watching the latest trailer for Rage, it looks like that envelope just got shoved across the room. Rage is a “directed open world” post-apocalyptic game that resembles the Fallout series in terms of setting and design, but the… Continue reading

Crysis 2 Reflex Review: Future Imperfect

Aside from playing the multiplayer beta and demo, I intentionally barricaded myself from any hype that may have surrounded Crysis 2 before it’s release. I have to admit, I never played the original, but once I got my hands on the beta and demo I was hooked. I went ahead and preordered it in case there… Continue reading

I’ve Had Better: Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

The news that Duke Nukem Forever was actually coming out has been met with both excitement and skepticism. The game, which seems to have been in development for the last couple decades was a joke amongst gamers and developers alike and looked to continue to stay that way until Gearbox recently announced they’d taken over… Continue reading

Brink Shoots a Bit Differently, But Still Brings the Guns

Among the sea of existing and upcoming first-person shooters, it is difficult to pick out the ones that offer something different. Brink hopes to get your attention with its class-based gameplay combined with a focus on working as a team. On top of that the characters and environments are filled with vibrant colors and plenty… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Aliens vs Predator

It’s pretty easy to assume that outer space battles will be much like those we’re familiar with on Earth. However, outer space does what it wants and its denizens follow a strict lifestyle of not giving a (insert favorite curse word here). Perhaps out space battles aren’t your thing, but just in case here are… Continue reading