Crysis 2 Review: Nice Suit, Nice Shot

I have to come out of the gates with a confession: Crysis 2 was not on my radar until launch week, but I am very pleased that this game flew into my airspace. I know that this year is back-loaded with a lot of triple-A shooters, but this military-based sci-fi shooter should be in any discussion around FPS… Continue reading

Rage is Rising

Confession time: I have not been the least bit excited about Rage, even though id Software and their games are always worth talking about. Up until this week, everything about Rage seemed like it had done before. Wasteland post-apocalyptic setting, FPS gameplay, vehicular combat. All added on top of the bad taste left in my… Continue reading

The Carmack Defends Call of Duty

Id Software’s John “The Carmack” Carmack is intimidatingly smart, so when he talks, I tend to listen, even if the conversation revolves around a genre that isn’t at the top of my list and I only understand 2/3 of the words he uses. When asked by Industry Gamers how he felt about the “innovation wall” of shooters as… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Doom

Well, it finally happened. Hell is here and it is all our fault. No time to dwell on our mistakes, but what can you do when demons start pouring through portals? Me? I hid. I don’t mess with demons. Luckily, I found a bad ass marine carving a trail through the horde and I was… Continue reading

E3 11: Far Cry 3 has Crazy Eyes

My mouth has been wide open ever since I stumbled upon this gameplay trailer for Far Cry 3. I have fond memories of the previous two games in the series due to their stunning and lifelike environments, but this game looks to make the previous iterations look amateur by comparison. Take notice of the varied context sensitive… Continue reading