I Learned Something Today: BioShock

I’ve fallen victim to the grass is always greener mentality several times in my life. I’ve moved across the city, across the state, and across the country looking for answers to small and large questions. Searching for home or just searching for thrills, it didn’t matter. However, when you get too far off the beaten… Continue reading

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Review – It’s Halo, Stupid

For those of you who are in a serious rush, here’s the Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary review in haiku form: Master Chief, round one/ Kill the Covenant and Flood/ It’s Halo, stupid. For those of you with a little more time on your hands (and, let’s face it, it’s a week and a half before… Continue reading

Co-op Clash: Portal 2 Wasn’t Always Perfect

Mention the Portal series to anyone who has played it and you are sure to get a smile. It is a series that is met with adoration and pleasurable memories by its fans. It is a genuinely positive reaction not usually found so widespread amongst jaded adult gamers. However as Portal 2 revealed, the history… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Rage

So you’re one of the select few that have been chosen to survive whatever apocalyptic situation is set to befall the Earth. Wow, congratulations, forgive me for not jumping for joy as I make peace with my own mortality. Despite my urge to strangle you, cut off your face and wear it in hopes of… Continue reading

Deus Ex: Human Revolution Review: There is a God in my Machine

If you think about other games that have tried it, it must be difficult to pick up a series with an acclaimed first title (and a disregarded second title) after a decade and knock it out of the park, but that’s exactly what Eidos Studios – Montreal did with Deus Ex: Human Revolution. I was a huge… Continue reading