Game Curious Wolfenstein: The Old Blood – All I Need is Pipe

What a difference a year makes. I wasn’t sure I wanted more Wolfenstein last year, but now I can’t get enough. The Old Blood takes ol’ Willy Blazko back to his roots, er, cell in Castle Wolfenstein. There’s only one thing to do and we’re gonna take as many Nazi corpses with us as we… Continue reading

Pitched: Breaking Bad Chemistry Plug & Play Game

If you tell me that you aren’t the least bit curious about some Plug It In & Play TV Games at some point then I will call you a bold-faced liar and depants you. Every multi-generational gamer has seen a Plug & Play TV Game that has either brought you back to the retro nostalgia of yesteryear. The… Continue reading

Wolfenstein 3-D Celebrates 20 Years by Going Free in All Browsers

Wolfenstein 3-D owns some great real estate in my heart, and for its 20th anniversary id Software is porting it to all browsers to play for free. It’s a freaking party in Castle Wolfenstein, and we’re going to party like it’s 1992. To put things in perspective, I had just turned 9 years old when this game… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 Review: Don’t Go to War Alone

Electronic Arts came out swinging with some great marketing to highlight the new Frostbite 2 engine behind Battlefield 3 as well as taking shots against that “other shooter.” For the most part, Battlefield 3 delivers on a frantic multiplayer experience complete with explosions, vehicles and intense graphics, but the single player campaign doesn’t quite feel… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Crysis 2

In the future, we will all be soldiers. Whether it’s fighting against each other or some robot overlords bound and determined to enslave all humankind, there will be war. In order to prepare for such a calamity we need to train ourselves in the finer arts of high tech fighting. I’m already well on my… Continue reading