Obsidian Sets Kickstarter Funding Record with Project Eternity

People apparently love their isometric RPG’s because Obsidian just reset the Kickstarter records in raising $3.98 million for its upcoming Project Eternity. Inspired by the likes of Baldur’s Gate, Icewind Dale, and Planescape: Torment, Project Eternity promises a rich world for questing and real-time tactical party combat with a pause system. Obsidian’s pedigree cannot be denied… Continue reading

Tiffany or Debbie? – Super Gaming Best Friends #103

What does it mean to be a true renegade? Josh, Justin, Ethan, and Brandon confront robots from the future, elevators, evil residents, reckonings, battlefields, and huge effects to find out the secrets of 80’s pop stars. Super Gaming Best Friends: the podcast where Horrible Night writers and friends get caught up on their latest video game… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Video Game Music is Better

Time to pay tribute to the best noises in video games, the music: What are your favorite video game soundtracks? Including any new updates to classic music by different artists. Want in on the weekly conversation? Every Wednesday we pose a question on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can answer from Wednesdays through Mondays on Twitter… Continue reading

The End of Worlds

According to some folks, Harold Camping to be precise, May 21, 2o11 will be Judgment Day. Not to be confused with Skynet coming online and hordes of terminating robots destroying Earth, this Judgment Day is the bibilical version. If that makes you nervous, don’t worry, it will all be over soon. The world will be… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Fallout: Nuka Break

Old-school Fallout fans are some of biggest die hards out there, so after viewing the fan made Fallout: Nuka Break, I don’t easily say this, but it’s a fan film that all Fallout fans can be proud of: Fan films never cease to amaze me. The care and attention to detail on next to no… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Grown Up Gaming Rules

Addictive games are infecting The Cursed lately, and before an intervention is staged we thought a good cure would be to take a look at the gaming rules instituted in our homes. This week we are joined by JDevL, Colefacekilla, Wizardtrain187, GiffTor, Robeque, Coopopolopolis, and EndlessBen. JDevL My rules are pretty self-imposed at this point,… Continue reading

The Horrible Show 11-17-10: What We’re Playing November 2010

There have been a lot of new releases this month, time to settle in and discuss what Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Christina have been playing. We dig into Black Ops, Dance Central, AC Brotherhood, Rock Band 3 without trying to be that guy. Send in your questions to simon@horriblenight.com or @TheHorribleShow The Cursed podcast crew proves… Continue reading