Top Video Game Podcast #204 – Giff It Out of Your System

Justin says goodbye to childless Justin. Both Justin’s happily wave goodbye to Senator Leland Yee and to asshat game jam producers. But Justin won’t give up on those ET cartridges no matter what Justin says. Plus Alien, Mercenary Kings, and more. Top Video Game Podcast – Gaming topics worth talking about according to the Horrible Night staff… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Outernauts

The summer doldrums can be pretty taxing. It’s easy to get lost in routines and just wish the days by and forget about some of the things we take for granted, like nature. The world around us still has plenty of adventures and discoveries left in it which all get even better when they are… Continue reading

Dragon Age Legends Leaves Facebook, Available Offline

Dragon Age Legends recently retired itself from Facebook earlier this week, but EA has a trick up their sleeves that many people did not expect. The game was one of the best releases from EA, but since it was largely promotional for Dragon Age II , it’s days were numbered. Electronic Arts is famous for shutting… Continue reading

Facebook’s Games of the Year 2011

Over the past several years, Facebook gaming has exploded. Earlier this week Facebook announced their top games of 2011.  A disclaimer at the bottom of facebook’s announcement page states: “This list was compiled by looking at the top games on Facebook with more than 100,000 monthly active users and giving priority to those games with the… Continue reading

Mafia Wars 2 is Live, Makes Facebook Farmers Realize Crime is More Profitable/Easier

Those browser-obsessed trillionaires over at Zynga have launched yet another addicting (and most likely annoying) game for you and your friends to enjoy in-between sessions of cyber stalking. Mafia Wars 2, the continuation of the story arc begun in Mafia Wars, is available on Facebook and will finally force people to  bug their friends for items they’d probably request… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: That’s Not Healthy

I jinxed it. Due to a glitch with our Shiny Objects feed, we only have a handful of articles to share this week. We could talk Google+ but why waste a headline? The Horrible Show returned to action this week while we dug through our backlog for inspiration for this week’s editorials where we found… Continue reading

Think of the Children: Budget Gaming for Kids

Back when I was growing up, there were three main options of acquiring a video game. The game could either be purchased by you, your parents or an awesome relative who actually looked at your birthday/holiday wish-list and wanted you to be happy on that special day. Another way to play a new game was… Continue reading

Zynga Launches Empires and Allies on Facebook

Later today, Zynga, the king of social microtransactional games, will be launching its first venture into the strategy realm with Empires and Allies. The game will be available to play on Facebook and is being described as “Risk meets Cityville“, which means I’m half excited about this game and half annoyed. This marks the first… Continue reading

UGH! WWE All-Stars Tag Teams With Facebook

I don’t play or buy into the whole Facebook app thing. Frankly, I find them highly annoying and spammy. However, that didn’t stop me from clicking on the WWE All-Star Fantasy Warfare app. The main reason why I did so was to help all the other wrestling fans find out who the free DLC character… Continue reading