Escape Goat 2 Announced for PC with New Art Style

Goat and mouse. A bro combination so powerful that they could not be contained to one game. Ian Stocker of MagicalTimeBean has announced via an interview with IndieStatik that Escape Goat 2 is headed for a PC release later this year. Ian has stated that Escape Goat 2 will be similar in style to the… Continue reading

Cheap and Dirty Gamer: Soulcaster Gets Its Browser On

Soulcaster has been available in the Xbox Live Indie Games for quite some time, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that Ian Stocker of MagicalTimeBean studios had recently made it available to the masses via your friendly neighborhood internet browser.  Despite already playing it on my Xbox, I felt the need to take another stab at the semi-tower… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Not So Complicated

While the major news cycle took a week to recover, it left plenty of room for new releases, indie games, and rumors to stand out. We featured multiple videos this week and varied opinions on Max Payne 3 before shutting ourselves in beside our Dead Space memories. Last Week’s Headlines The Diablo 3 Real Money… Continue reading

Interview with Ian Stocker: Developer of Escape Goat – The Cursed Checkpoint #103

After developing a fondness for its puzzle-platformer Escape Goat (and a weird obsession with the game’s four legged protagonists), Ethan tracks down Magical Time Bean’s Ian Stocker and learns the ins and outs of indie game development. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Category Nominations – The Horrible Show Live 121411

You can’t pick Games of the Year if you can’t categorize them correctly. Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Josh went live to brainstorm category ideas with each other and the Horrible Night community. Who will win Best Obscure Category? Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow This show was recorded live on Live podcasts… Continue reading

Escape Goat Review: Goat and Mouse Ain’t Nothing To F*** With

When you think about dynamic duos, names like Batman and Robin or Chip and Dale immediately come to mind. After playing through Magical Time Bean’s Escape Goat, the terrible twosome of Goat and Mouse may soon join the aforementioned heavyweights in the ranks of “World’s Greatest Bad Ass Partnerships.” You look like you are doing… Continue reading