Top Video Game Podcast #211 – My Wife Hates It When I Park on the Moon

Aaron loves getting iced in low gravity. Jordan is way too nice of a guy to be a space trucker. Justin is finally comfortable enough to show off his WoW figure. Plus corgis, kittens, bears, and a lot of other things that Epic would rather support. Top Video Game Podcast – Gaming topics worth talking about according… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Need for Constant Reassurance

Not much is clear in December in the gaming industry, at least until the awards come out. Until then, it’s filled with a lot of reflection and predictions and last minute shuffling for the next quarter of releases. The weirdest thing? The VGA’s turned out to be watchable this year. Predict that. Ethan continued to… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Trading Deadline

If you had Epic and Irrational Games in your fantasy game developers league this week, you definitely didn’t get much sleep. Actually I have no idea how that would work, but it was random that so much was moving around in those two successful companies in the same week. We introduced August’s monthly theme Death… Continue reading

Shiniest Objects: More Bits, Less Awards

Surprising amount of headlines for a non release week, even outside of whatever that “overblown trailer reveal show with some awards in it” was. We put together a handful of editorials focused on the featured games of our Co-op Clash tournament, plus a couple of reviews because someone has to finish all of these games…. Continue reading

Co-op Clash: Gears of War 3 – The Gear Code

It isn’t easy working together as a team. This is especially true when blood-thirsty, bullet hurling, snarling, emulsion-spewing lambent are screaming at the top of their lungs at you while we argue which one should receive the first bullet to the head. Let’s face it. The COG is dead, and all we have is each other…. Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Download Experimentation

Starbreeze (The Riddick Games, The Darkness, Syndicate) recently announced they are developing an exclusive game for PSN. What major developer would you like to see take a crack at a smaller downloadable title, and what do you think they would try and make? Or do you think they should stick with their AAA titles? Want… Continue reading

First Gears of War 3 DLC to Bring More Toys to Horde Mode

The first DLC pack for Gears of War 3 has been detailed, and it looks like fans of Horde 2.0 are getting the brunt of Epic’s first dose of loving. The pack contains a robust sampling of content, including 3 new maps, new weapon and character skins (featuring an overall clad Dizzy, love that guy)… Continue reading

Gears of War 3 Review: Two is Company, Three is a Crowd (of Sweetasticness)

So let’s get the obvious points out of the way first. As expected, Gears of War 3 still looks amazing, plays well and sounds incredible. The real question is whether there is enough in this package to end the series on a high note or will it join the others that have suffered the fate… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Shadow Complex

Sometime I would like to just go on a camping trip without anything but great camping happening. I know that’s a stretch because there is always something that can go wrong when off road vehicles and tents are concerned. Bears are scary, but so are extremist left wing groups wanting to liberate America. Even though… Continue reading