Prototype of The Legend of Zelda Available for a Mere $150k

Are you the type of person that loves super special things that no one else has? Do you have an extra $150,000.00 laying around waiting to be blown? Are you a gamer? If you answered yes to these questions, than some guy on eBay has the perfect item for you! That’s right folks, you could… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Start and Complete your NES Collection for $75,000

Nostalgia has certainly has a price. Most of us fulfill that desire piece by piece, but rarely do we see it encapsulated into the collection of our dreams. Some would call that collection priceless, others like posterman on eBay think $75,000 is a fair price. Posterman has assembled arguably a complete collection of 947 NES… Continue reading

Everything Final Fantasy for a Mere $15K

Even though I consider myself a fan of the Final Fantasy series, there are always going to be bigger fans out there. Case in point, undkodlor is selling his entire Final Fantasy collection on eBay for the low low price of around $15,000. If you think that’s an awfully high price for a series that… Continue reading