Dungeon Defenders Celebrates 1st Anniversary with DLC and Sales

Dungeon Defenders was released only a year ago. It seems like more than that with the sheer amount of content its produced and the hours of entertainment I’ve immersed myself in. When I was perusing the Steam store yesterday I came across a massive sale on Dungeon Defenders content. Naturally, I clicked on it to find more and more… Continue reading

Gamer’s Journey: 5 Months of Fantasy Gaming Leads to New Definition of Cool

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I’ve always been an equal opportunity gamer, but can honestly admit that a certain bias still hung in the back of my mind like a closed-minded version of Fonzie, a Fonzie who kicked working jukeboxes so they’d stop functioning. This pervasive individual constantly whispered horrible things into my ear about the world of fantasy-themed games… Continue reading

Because We May – Indie Game Developers Hold Massive Sale

A group of indie game developers are holding a massive indie game sale from May 24 to June 1. The aptly name sale is Because We May. The premise is simple and has the type of elegance that can bring down an opera house. We believe that developers should have the freedom to price their games how they… Continue reading

Dungeon Defenders with DLC Recoil Review: The Loot Keeps Coming

Back in October, I got sucked into the action/RPG/tower defense game Dungeon Defenders. While my dedication to the game ebbed and flowed throughout the jam-packed insanity of Epic Release Fall and the subsequent holiday season, it’s been a great game to fall back on and I’ve been happy to see that Trendy Entertainment has kept… Continue reading

You Fools! The Game is Smarter Than Me – The Horrible Show #308 Live

Video games are normally rewarding and entertaining, but there are those moments when they turn on you and make you feel dumb. Justin, Cole, Ethan and Josh are pretty familiar with that feeling and open up about some of their low moments in gaming. The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of HorribleNight.com as… Continue reading

Meanwhile… Demo Dawn Space Bastion Jam Effect

Meanwhile… we’ve actually been playing games. Each week we recap our recent gaming experiences and tell you what we’re looking forward to, so you can use your time more wisely than we have. Looks like our gamers are either in a holding pattern or just seeing what sticks this week. Aaron (BGRadio) Demos. The saddest truth… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Local X Online Multiplayer

Another fighter is about to enter the ring with Street Fighter X Tekken. Which begs the question: do you prefer your multiplayer to be online only or local? Want in on the weekly conversation? Every Wednesday we pose a question on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. You can answer from Wednesdays through Mondays on Twitter with… Continue reading

Game Industry Shout-Outs: Not So Fuzzy

We take a break from our normal weekly REPLY TO ALL conversation and shine the light on what has stood out to us individually in the video game industry. Ethan (Wizardtrain187) My shout-out goes to the Guiness Book of Worlds records and the community of gaming journalists and their resulting irratation at Call of Duty: Black… Continue reading

Wizardtrain187’s Games of the Year 2011

2011 was the year of unexpected derailment for yours truly as quite a few highly anticipated games got neglected as a result of stumbling across (and subsequently loving) several lesser known indie titles. I still think that 2011 was a huge year for AAA gaming, especially with the back-to-back blockbusters that “Mega Release Fall” produced…. Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Downloadable Game of the Year – Coins Division

These mid-range priced games are well within the reach of cash-conscious gamers while still boasting incredible depth and value. From point and click adventures to old school vehicular shoot outs, 2011 was full of promising titles that went toe to toe with the big dogs. The Nominees Dungeon Defenders – Dungeon Defenders hasn’t lost momentum since arriving… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Co-op Game of the Year

Overwhelming odds tend to be the standard in gaming, so having a couple of well equiped buddies to back you up is never a bad thing. Douchebags need not apply, these games need teamwork…save your individuality for hipster parties and art school. The Nominess Gears of War 3 – The Gears series has been known for… Continue reading

The 2011 Grimmys: Queued Up Award

Whether being overshadowed by other games or just being too big to conquer in a single year, these games will be stalwarts of our gameplay for 2012, if not for the next decade or so. The Nominees The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings – The Witcher 2 is a game that makes this list because we literally couldn’t find the… Continue reading