I Learned Something Today: Driver: San Francisco

As children, we tend to idolize various adult professions. We find heroes and devote a portion of our young lives to being just like that person. Firefighters, doctors and policemen were the everyday Batmans and Supermans, just without the tights and guaranteed six packs. Personally, I used to tell everyone I wanted to be a… Continue reading

The Adventures of Bayou Billy Retro Review: No Big Easy Mode

The Adventures of Bayou Billy might have flown under many radars when it was first released in North American in June of 1989. It had previously been released under the nom de guerre “Mad City” in August 1988 in Japan, where surprisingly it was much easier than its region 1 counterpart. Because Bayou Billy was so… Continue reading

Hey! Watch! Evolution of Video Games

There was a time, not so long ago, when games were little more than tiny squares with a less than diverse color palette. With how much gamers and developers focus on graphics today, it’s amazing to think what twenty plus years has done to our attitudes. Let’s all be honest and say it: we’re spoiled. However,… Continue reading