Game Curious Brutal Doom v20 – Giddy with Gore

The Doom mod community is ridiculous. Best encapsulated by the fact that there are now 20 versions of Brutal Doom which is the only recent mod I’ve played and therefore my favorite. The addition of death throes, dismemberments, modern weapons, and modern FPS controls make Doom feel like new again. So much fun my face… Continue reading

REPLY TO ALL: Video Games Get Blamed Again

Brandon (H21) returns as we take the REPLY TO ALL to a serious level. The recent shooting in Norway has brought out the anti video game evangelists again, with the shooter claiming Modern Warfare 2 helped him train for the event. If confronted with that argument (murder simulators aiding lunatics), how would you defend games… Continue reading

The Fallen Heroes of Video Game Power Up Addiction

Video game characters tend to have the odds stacked against them when first setting out on their specific video game quests. While their base abilities are quite astonishing, they sometimes have to take advantage of performance enhancing items (power ups) to give them the edge they need in order to defeat giant robots and save… Continue reading