Mega Headlines: Mario is Turning into a Clueless Jerk

I don’t know why I take Nintendo so personally, but there’s a special kind of angst that grows every time I go home and see my Wii U after Nintendo makes any announcements. Distracting myself with two of the SNES’s best games will only get you so far after you step on your fans, and… Continue reading

Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC Announced for June and Two More Later in 2012

The Battlefield 3: Close Quarters DLC expansion was announced for June 2012 at an EA event last night. There haven’t been any major DLC release since Back to Karkand was released in December 2011. Close Quarters will include four new maps and 10 weapons. There will be no new vehicles introduced as it’s speculated the maps will… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 Review: Don’t Go to War Alone

Electronic Arts came out swinging with some great marketing to highlight the new Frostbite 2 engine behind Battlefield 3 as well as taking shots against that “other shooter.” For the most part, Battlefield 3 delivers on a frantic multiplayer experience complete with explosions, vehicles and intense graphics, but the single player campaign doesn’t quite feel… Continue reading

Battlefield 3 Does Look A Bit More Modern

This is an interesting year for FPS games. We’ve already seen Homefront fall flat on its face, and Crysis 2 pique some interest but ultimately fly under the radar. EA isn’t sitting still and has been steadily releasing info and video on Battlefield 3, including these 12 minutes of destructive goodness: Battlefield 3 is being… Continue reading