Franchise Debuts – The Horrible Show Live #319

Justin, Josh and Ethan dig deep to figure what makes for a truly memorable debut for a new video game franchise. From the highs of Resident Evil to the failures of Homefront which originals still stand above their sequels? The Horrible Show – Join the editorial staff of as they discuss a variety of… Continue reading

The Difference Between Being Inspired and Ripping a Game Off

There’s a phenomenon I’ve noticed among supposedly refined people where anything they do or see is compared to something else. Regardless of the quality, similarities are seen as negative points against whatever item they’re judging, resulting in the detestable status of “rip-off.” In all honesty, I’ve found myself labeling things in this way, scoffing at… Continue reading

Roguelikes: The Fun of Random Permadeath – The Cursed Checkpoint #104

After discovering roguelikes through playthroughs of The Binding of Isaac and Dungeons of Dredmor, Ethan talks with Josh about the history of this unforgiving video game genre and discovers that he’s only scratched the surface. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about a single video game, genre, news… Continue reading

Bastion Preview: Narrating Your Way Through The World

If you’re like me, you are getting more and more excited about independent development of video games. With Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network, there are now major outlets for developers to get back to small team development. That is exactly what happened when ex-EA people got together to form Supergiant Games and create… Continue reading

Fine Arts Majors Find Employment in Diablo 3

Many expected a release date to be announced for Diablo 3 at Gamescom this year, but unfortunately Blizzard still hasn’t made anything official. However, the game was playable at the German game convention and details came out about a new game play element to be included in the threequel that will help with some pacing issues that … Continue reading

Torchlight II Announced and Won’t Fix The Diablo That Isn’t Broken

For those who couldn’t wait to sink their teeth into what could become yet another Blizzard masterpiece in Diablo 3, Runic Game’s Torchlight was a nice way to hold off the dungeon crawling withdrawal. Not content with just being a clone of one Diablo, the creators have recently announced a sequel that looks to do… Continue reading