Hey! Watch! Other Places Videos Series Features a Serene Looking at Various Gaming Locales

In watching Ultrabrilliant’s Other Places video series, it is clear to me that I haven’t stopped to smell the video game roses (usually for fear of my character’s safety) in too long. Exploration is probably the biggest sole factor in maintaining my interest in gaming in general. From the technical marvels to the thick atmospheres… Continue reading

Game Music Bundle 4 Critically Rocks

I for one love a good bundle. Even if there’s a bit of a bundle overabundance of late or some individuals wish the name to be changed. Game Music Bundle 4 is now upon us, and having sampled a good portion of this stellar music selection this is a bundle of the highest quality. Just… Continue reading

Spoiler Alert: Dear, Dear Esther – The Cursed Checkpoint #107

One thing is for sure about Dear Esther, after you experience it, you are going to want to talk to others that have, too. Justin, Ethan, and Josh try to figure out if they saw what they thought they saw. The Cursed Checkpoint is a topical video game podcast focused on discussions and interviews about… Continue reading

Dear Esther is the Latest Indie Fund Success

I reported on the independent publishing group Indie Fund’s first success with QUBE a month ago and am happy to report that the indie dream team has done it again with the atmospheric first person adventure game, Dear Esther. The game was able to make back Indie Fund’s initial investment in 5.5 hours according to the publisher’s website,… Continue reading