Horrible Times #413: The Alternative to Spoilers

The game industry’s Spring flavored double gut punch landed its second blow this week as GDC floated all kinds of interesting backstories that wanna-be flies on the wall like me can’t get enough of. I don’t know about you, but I could listen to the stories about alternative versions of Dante, how bunnies were almost… Continue reading

Horrible Newswire: Not In E3

E3 2012 is in the books. So what happened? Check links to our coverage below. Beyond that though, we shared a number of new stories that got a bit a lost in the flood of media for the event itself. Last Week’s Headlines Microsoft reveals its Summer of Arcade lineup. The PlayStation Move has a… Continue reading

Crytek Taking on Homefront Sequel, Resists Urge to Include Super Suits/Powers

So Homefront got a spot on my coveted “Crazy Steam Sale List” which means that I’m interested but not enough to pay full price. I had a similar list in college, but it was for girls and determined the opulence of the restaurants I took them to (if we went to White Castle, I wasn’t going to… Continue reading

Crysis 2 Review: Nice Suit, Nice Shot

I have to come out of the gates with a confession: Crysis 2 was not on my radar until launch week, but I am very pleased that this game flew into my airspace. I know that this year is back-loaded with a lot of triple-A shooters, but this military-based sci-fi shooter should be in any discussion around FPS… Continue reading

With DirectX 11 Update Crysis 2 Finally Looks like a Crytek Game

The graphics of the original Crysis made people’s heads explode, but now that it’s 2011, Crysis 2 has to work a bit harder to get the same cranium destroying effect. Because they love carnage, Crytek have released a high resolution texture pack for Crysis 2 as well as an update  that allows for the use of DirectX 11… Continue reading

I Learned Something Today: Crysis 2

In the future, we will all be soldiers. Whether it’s fighting against each other or some robot overlords bound and determined to enslave all humankind, there will be war. In order to prepare for such a calamity we need to train ourselves in the finer arts of high tech fighting. I’m already well on my… Continue reading

Crysis 2 Reflex Review: Future Imperfect

Aside from playing the multiplayer beta and demo, I intentionally barricaded myself from any hype that may have surrounded Crysis 2 before it’s release. I have to admit, I never played the original, but once I got my hands on the beta and demo I was hooked. I went ahead and preordered it in case there… Continue reading