Cheap and Dirty Gamer: I Want to Crush the Castle… Adventures?

It’s really hot today and due to the lack of air conditioning, I am very lethargic and will be putting minimal effort into this week’s Cheap and Dirty. That’s probably not a bad thing considering the amount of content up on the site this week that features me is probably smothering you all. Besides, Crush… Continue reading

What We Are Playing April 2011 – The Horrible Show 042011

We’ve been playing a few games the past month, culminating in a great time at Net Heads. Justin, Cole, Ethan, and Gifford recap the whats and whys of their recent game library to relive Portal, WWE All-Stars, Crysis 2, Monday Night Combat, and others. Send in your questions to or @TheHorribleShow Enough of this… Continue reading