Counter Gaming: The Impact of Degenerative Gaming

Degenerative gaming’s impact was recently felt when the MLB 2K12 $1 million contest drew to a close. I may be a video game purist, but I don’t really like altering games to bend them to my will. At least this holds true in multiplayer and competitive settings. Writing this article was a struggle for me because I… Continue reading

Counter Gaming: The Game Industry Needs Focus

Doombringers and naysayers are littering the forums and game journalism resources because no one really knows what’s going to become of the game industry. It seems the majority is focusing on what publishers, developers, media sources, and even gamers are doing wrong to prevent the game industry from creating stability and a welcoming consumer environment…. Continue reading

Counter Gaming: Forgetting the Fun

Logsmash was your stereotypical example of primal man. Like most of his peers, his time was consumed with his continued survival efforts. He had to forage for food, fight off prehistoric animals and seek shelter from the frigid temperatures of his Ice Age climate. One day, Logsmash met Tigerpunch and Rockthrow, two other cave-themed people… Continue reading

Counter Gaming: Piracy

I received an email this past week in reference to my Dead Rising 2 post. An unnamed individual was trying to play his pirated version of Dead Rising 2 and was having problems. For those of you not in the know, I had a ton of issues with loading this game. After hours of tweaks… Continue reading