Hey! Buy! BioShock Infinite Vigor Bottles and Pins

There will always be a lot to love about the art direction of BioShock Infinite. One of the smartest design choices was to give each vigor a distinct personality. It made each one memorable and immediately gave the player a sense of what each vigor could do. It’s no surprise that the vigors turned out… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Devil’s Kiss Vigor from BioShock Infinite

Irrational has unveiled another collectible from the BioShock Infinite universe. This time you can own your very own vigor (no confirmation on whether or not it comes with actual powers). The Devil’s Kiss vigor can be yours for a mere $350. Of course, that’s just the standard edition, you can also get a signed version… Continue reading

Hey! Buy! Mega Man 25th Anniversary Statue, Get Equipped Headline Pun Not Included

Capcom is celebrating the Blue Bomber’s 25th Anniversary with with a collectible statue of Mega Man himself. Standing 10 inches tall the statue also comes with USB powered lights on the base, helmet, and Mega Buster. Mega Man appears to be contemplating whether or not his new owner is an enemy or friend. Hopefully, Dr…. Continue reading

Hey! Look! Pyramid Head Can Torment Couch Crashers in Your Living Room

The public opinion on gamers is that we never fully escaped childhood, so what better way to prove them right then by demonstrating poor impulse control and purchasing a super expensive action figure (or statuette depending on how much of a pretentious turd you are). This resin figurine goes for around $380.00 US dollars (31,500… Continue reading

Angry Birds Plush Toys Coming in 2011

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time anticipating the release of something Angry Birds related (Game Center update?), and it looks like that’s not going to change any time soon. However, someone had the brilliant idea to make Angry Birds plush toys and they should be available sometime in 2011. If you come to… Continue reading

11 Year-old’s Mario Collection Proves the Plumber Still Has It After 25 Years

I recently came across a few Mario collectibles out in the wild for the first time in years. As a kid, I was never big into buying toys based on video game characters, I just wanted the games. So if you told me there are thousands of unique Mario collectibles available, I’d be a bit… Continue reading

This Week’s Worst Way to Waste Money

The auction website eBay is home to many strange and wonderful things. In the video game world it’s a place where collectors can find the rare item they didn’t know they were looking for. Just last month an NES game called Stadium Events sold on eBay for $40,000. So it seems that people are coming… Continue reading