Orcs Must Die! 2 ‘Family Ties’ DLC Releases Today

One of our favorite anti-orc games in the world, Orcs Must Die! 2, releases its second booster pack today on Steam.  We can’t stress enough how important it is to slay some orcs, and we can’t stress enough that there will be new ways and places to do it. The new “Family Ties” booster pack is the… Continue reading

Foul Play Classes Up Its Brawling for Theatrical Audience

Multiplayer beat-em ups will always have a place in my downloadable library. Foul Play is looking to bring a bit more class to the genre and to XBLA with its old-fashioned brawling style. Foul Play stars Baron Dashforth as he reenacts his true life story of daemon hunting for a in-game theater audience. It “is… Continue reading

E3 12: Dead Space 3 Trailer

There aren’t very many games out there that can make a grown main soil himself. The original Dead Space is one of the leading contenders. I’ll openly admit that I jumped like a little girl many times through my first play through, and loved every minute of it. EA started off their press conference with a… Continue reading

Castle Crashers On Sale On XBLA Until May 21

Castle Crashers has been one of the long-standing champions of Xbox Live Arcade, but recently it’s been met with some ferocious competition. The Behemoth decided that it would try to help those who haven’t purchased the game yet (which is still wildly popular) by slashing its price in half to 600 MS Points. You might be thinking, “I… Continue reading

Killing Floor and Tripwire Interactive Celebrate 1 Million Sold with Steam Sale

Sometimes it pays off by grinding away for two years and working hard to bring an enjoyable experience to your fans. Tripwire Interactive is celebrating reaching 1 million copies of Killing Floor sold by placing the game on sale for $2.99. You can also get the Killing Floor Bundle featuring 7 items for only $4.78. For those who have… Continue reading

Trenched Review: TV Problem? All It Takes is Machismo and Mechs

While I love the idea of stomping around a battlefield in the cockpit of a mech, I’ve had tepid feelings towards the mech games I’ve been exposed to. Despite being a ridiculously awesome vocation on paper, I’ve never had much fun piloting these robotic power suits in the digital world as I feel stuck between… Continue reading